January 2017 updates

Hi all,

We will update the FAQ’s in the next 48 hours.  Below are some of the features added to the gcologists.com

  • Deployed a secure certificate (NOTE: paypal payments were always secure).
  • Notifications are now in a lightbox popup to make them more prominent.
  • gcologists.com now has a chat facility
  • gcologists.com has an easier logout button in the left hand panel
  • gcologists.com has implemented an updated paypal payment processing workflow
  • There is now another alternative method of payment in the buy links tab
  • All payments are now recorded in the payment history tab.  So if there are any issues, the transaction ID can be forwarded to us
  • Copying the link is easier
  • If you wish to send the link using your own email client and wish to record that, there is a check mark in the participants tab.
  • You can filter the participants table to show only completed or only not completed.


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